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The club was formed in 1971 and has grown to become a very active organisation involved in many forms of motorsport. Prospective members, as well as old friends of the club, are welcome at any club night.  We meet every Wednesday evening at 9 o’clock at the Yates Sports and Social Club on Lime Lane near the A5 Turf Island

Over the past couple of years we have run some very successful AutoTests & AutoSolos for the BTRDA championships, attracting competitors from all over the UK. We also have a very active group of members who regularly assist other clubs in the organisation of Stage Rallies and Autotests / AutoSolos in the form of marshaling.

One of the highlights of the CDCC calendar is the clubs annual dinner dance and awards evening.  This is held every February and the awards cover every discipline, two of the most prestigious being ‘Driver’ and ‘Clubman of the year’.  

Stage Rallies

This is at present the most popular discipline within the club. Rallies take the form of single venue events held on airfields right through to multi venue forest events. Culminating in international events such as British Rally Championship and World Rally Championship events. In recent years the club has enjoyed considerable success in the AWMMC Heart of England Rally Championship.


If spanners are your thing then you could join one of the CDCC teams on an event. Enjoy being part of a team and help keep the car in the event despite the drivers best efforts to break it. Lots of fun without the bills! 

Autotests / Autosolos

Easily described as driving as quickly as you can around a set of cones. Autotests are an excellent way to push your car control skills to the limit and best of all, you can use any car with little preparation needed. In an Autotest you will have a passenger on-board to give you directions, whereas with an AutoSolo, there is no one but yourself to blame if you receive the dreaded Wrong Test!!


Sprinting has been popular within recent years. Club members have competed in Midlands and other regional championships at venues as far a field as Goodwood on the south coast and Aintree near Liverpool. Sprinting is closely related to the discipline of Hillclimbing


What would we do without them? "Not a lot" is the answer! Marshals are essential to the running of any event, be it a club level Autotest right the way up to a WRC stage!   Many of our active competitors marshal when they are not competing. As a club, we regularly provide marshals to the organisers of events.The club benefits from having some very experienced marshals within its ranks who are only to happy to pass on their experience to potential new marshals. So if you want to see what Motor Sport is all about give our chief marshal call or e-mail, it`s fun to do and you see a lot more and get involved in how it all works.